The following fragment of an official report was written in a strange (alien?) script but scholarly interpreters have translated it as follows.

“… meet in a building called a ‘church’, even though some of the people who go there told us that they (the people) are the church really.

There are several odd things about them. One is that they told us that they come to the building to ‘worship God’. We think we understand what ‘worship’ means but during the four days that we were there we never came across the god, who, though invisible, is said to be present.

Another strange thing is that they have a large, beautiful and expensive building, but most of the people associated with it go there on just one day a week – and for approximately one hour only. Some of them attend for another hour or two for meetings on other days. Otherwise there are various visitors who, for example, play games at tables, make movements accompanied by music or bring their babies to meet other babies. Some of the most important visitors are girls who wear special uniforms.

The strangest thing of all is that they actually find a way of providing a person who conducts special procedures in relation to their ‘worship’ and ‘god’. This person must have a rigorous university training and is paid by the headquarters of the organisation. The people who meet in this building pay as much as they can towards his or her upkeep. Amazingly they also provide a house for the person to live in, together with spouse and family. Apparently this person does not have an ordinary job, but can spend all his or her time looking after the people who go there for an hour each week.”

Well, friends, perhaps you can fill in some of the gaps and put a different slant on this ‘official report’. Meanwhile, with much hope, we pray that the right ‘person’ will feel called to lead Trinity forward.