DRC is the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Medic-Aid is working with people in the DRC.  As of the beginning of this year, 80% of the population of North and South Kivu (East Congo) are displaced from their homes and villages.  Most are living in makeshift communities, the rest are merely surviving day-to-day in refugee camps.

The destiny of everyone in this region is shaped by war and daily violence.

Nearly half the populations of refugee camps are orphaned children, or children who have previously been abducted and forced into sexual slavery, child labour, or as child soldiers and combatants.

One in three young girls and women who arrive at the medical field clinic at Camp Mercy have been raped or sexually abused.

What’s happening in the Congo is generally simply not reported in the Press.

Not only is Medic-Aid our charity of the month, we are also collecting cuddly toys at the end of this month for the comfort they can bring to a child or young person – something they can cling on to in an impossible situation.