Dear Friends

abC ! or efC !

Following-on from our June service where in thinking about our destiny we compared our lives to being a chauffeur – where the car is the world and our boss is Christ and our purpose is to drive where (and how!) Christ wants us to and to look after the car – and although we can and our meant to enjoy the car/(the world) let us never forget whose car it is and whom it is we’re meant to be serving:

Over the Summer months, before things all start up again in September, why don’t we take the opportunity to reflect a little upon:

  1. how much, or how little, are we enjoying the car/world?
  2. how much, or how little, are we looking after the car/world?
  3. how much, or how little, are we doing for our boss/Christ?

My guess is that for many of us we are indeed doing these things and in the order above; ie, (i) spending most of our attention on enjoying ourselves, our family & friends and the world; (ii) with some focus on looking after the world and the needs of others, but (iii) spending least time and attention on doing things for Christ and for His glory!

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the world and of course it’s important we look after the world – in fact, we should be doing all three, but … the order really should be, should it not, the reverse!

My challenge for the Summer is for all of us to do one or two things deliberately for Christ and His glory. Now you may say, and it’s certainly true, that we should do all things for Christ and His glory. However, in my experience we don’t! And so, regardless of what we have been doing, as a start, let’s all pray to Jesus and ask him in the words of Paul on the Damascus Road, Lord, what do you want me to do?

We may not get a blinding flash, but in my experience we will receive inspiration in our thinking or a feeling or nudge – it may be that we should be doing something new or perhaps that something we’re doing we should be doing in a different way (or even that we should stop doing something that we currently are).

Our Services for July will be focussing on, what gives Christ glory, what it means to do something in the name of Christ and hopefully thereby to see how we can better serve Christ in the world today.

A few possibilities for things to do might be:

  • give someone a New Testament
  • give someone a Christian book or booklet; eg, one you find helpful on suffering or some other aspect of the Christian life (or lend it to them, perhaps giving a better opportunity to engage with them afterwards about what they thought of it)
  • invite somebody to the Alpha Course (next course starting in September)
  • invite someone to come with you to Trinity
  • invite someone to a Fellowship Group or other Trinity activity
  • to pray for people we know and care about to come to know and love Christ
  • to spend time with someone or help someone – in the name of Christ!
  • to join-in and help with a charitable or mission activity – in the name of Christ!
  • to join-in and help with the worship or running of Trinity – in the name of Christ!

There’s a whole host of things that we could be focussing on doing. It may be that rather than doing something new, we just need to be more open about doing it for Christ’s sake and not our own; eg, to give Christ the glory for our charitable works – we’re His servants, we’re doing it in His name (not out of the goodness of our hearts!); ie, to let people know that this is the reason why we’re doing whatever it is we’re doing.

As I say, please take this opportunity to reflect seriously and to pray about this.

My challenge is simple – that over July and August we do at least one or two things specifically and on purpose for Christ and His glory (not our own). It doesn’t have to be a big thing – little things often make all the difference – and this in no-way is meant to restrict anyone from doing many many things for Christ, but let’s just make sure that all of us – every one of us – does at least one or two things over the Summer specifically for Christ and His glory.

If we do this, some of us certainly but, my hope is that we all may then be able to praise God and encourage one another in September with the tales of His wondrous Person and works.

With my best wishes for a peaceful, productive and relaxing Summer,



abC ! – anything but Christ!


efC ! – everything for Christ!