Our new Alpha Course at Trinity starts with a taster session on Sunday 31st January from 3pm till 5pm and then the following week (Sun 7th Feb @ 3 pm) the Course Proper starts with Session One – Who is Jesus?

Alpha is an opportunity in a friendly environment:

  • to ask anything!
  • to discuss the issues that concern us – the questions we would like to ask God
  • to look at topics such as Who is Jesus? Why pray ?
  • to investigate what the reality of Christianity is, and what it is not, and in so doing to consider whether Christianity really is boring, untrue & irrelevant!

Why not come along and see ?  Even if you’re not sure about Alpha, why not come to a session and see for yourself. It’s best to join the course at the beginning, but it is possible to join the course any Sunday up to and including the third week – Sun 14th Feb @ 3 pm.

For more information, please call 020 8460 0723 or email trinityalpha@btinternet.com