Something we all can do!

We can all care!

And like mercy, caring is twice blest, “it blesseth him that gives and him that takes”.  If we care, that’s something that not only binds us together (ie those who care), but also binds us together with the object of our care.

And like Faith, caring “without action (or works) is dead!” If we don’t do anything, doesn’t that simply show that we don’t really care?  We often say that we can’t do anything! (as an excuse?!!) or moan that there’s nothing we can do! But there’s always something we can do!

All of us, always, we can pray!

The first duty of a Christian is to love God – and what would we think of someone who claimed to love us, but never shared with us the things that they were concerned about or that really mattered to them ?
Further, who is the person who has the most power to change things?
And assuming that what we care about is something that we should be caring about(!!), we’ll find that God already cares about it even more than we do.

If we don’t pray about something, this quite clearly shows that we simply don’t care – either we don’t care about whatever it is, or we don’t care about God!, or both.

It’s an interesting question to consider out of all the things we might say or feel we ought to care about, what actually we do truly care about – and why?  We do all care; we do all do lots of things – but what is it that we do and why?  And how conscious or unconscious are we of these decisions we’ve made; ie, what we’ve made our real priorities, as evidenced by how we lead our lives ?

What makes us really care about something is when we perceive that we are personally affected by it or when we make or otherwise, our interest becomes personal.  This applies equally to our relationship with God & the things of God and our relationship with the world & the things of the world.  For example, we all know that someone has recently won the lottery and in some sense we probably do care about this.  However, our care would become totally different if the person who won should be a friend of ours or, if we should win ourself…!

In the Church, we recognise that Jesus is the sacrificial Lamb who takes away the sins of the world; that Jesus died for our sins.  We know this and in a sense we care about it.  However, when we perceive how this personally affects us – that Jesus died for my sins, that Jesus died for me, that because of this God will give me His Holy Spirit – we care in a totally different way.  Compare our general knowledge that wills are made and people die and inheritances are received all the time, with the knowledge that a rich uncle has died leaving me a large inheritance.  Further, compare this knowledge with the actual receiving of the inheritance!

This is the crucial personal application of our Christian Faith to the Christian life – how we personally love and care for God & the things of God and how we personally love and care for each other.  The practical outworking of this will be different for each of us, but for all of us it includes prayer and worship, service, and sharing or teaching by example – by what we say and what we do.

When we look around us at all the many many problems of our world, isn’t the solution (and the only solution?) for people to come to know God?  Shouldn’t we be praying and praying for our Godless society, that God would not forsake us, but would act to change our society and culture; ie that God would draw people to Himself and change them?
What is Trinity’s role (ie our role) in this?  Please do pray about this.
We are already seeking to engage with the community around us by the use of our premises during the week and by our PR activities.  In this context we have just leafleted over 1,000 properties in the area and please pray that God may bless and use this for His glory.  That people may begin to realise the truth about Jesus Christ, the Cross and Christianity – that this is not irrelevant or a trick, but a wonderful gift, brilliant good news, a treat!

Also, please pray about how God may be wishing to use you in His work here at and through Trinity.  There are many opportunities to get (more) involved and help.  At one level we are calling for new Elders.  Please consider whether God may be calling you to this important role, or perhaps some other role in the work of Trinity.  Please do speak to one another, the Minister or one of the Elders about these opportunities.

Later this month, we will be doing our Christmas mail-shot.  Our plan is to distribute a leaflet to more than 2,000 households (ie twice the number of our October PR).  If you can help with this distribution (it takes less than an hour each), please let the Minister or one of the Elders know.  If you don’t feel able to (either physically or perhaps because you’re working full-time), please do still pray for this initiative.  Please pray that God will use the distribution of these leaflets for His purposes and for His glory and more specifically that people will be awakened to the importance of God and the things of God, to the truth and reality of this world and the next, and that God will reveal Jesus Christ and draw people to Him, that people may be changed and thereby our culture and society transformed.

And let’s pray for God to not stop His work with us, but to make us more godly and Christlike, and more useful in His service, whether within Trinity or elsewhere, to His glory being shown in His love and mercy and in changed lives,