The Bible Society in England & Wales – our Charity of the Month for October and for our Harvest Lunch

Harvest is a time we give thanks to God for the glorious gifts He has given us. We may sow the seed, we may water the seed, but it’s God who gives the increase (1 Corinthians 3.6).

We’ve been focussing on the Bible over the Summer and hopefully have gained/(are gaining) a greater/(even greater) appreciation of its worth and value. In my life-time, our country has become increasingly godless and we need to actively engage with this non-Christian culture and support people who are working to spread the influence of the Bible in this land of ours.

Although we have easy access to the Bible as never before, we also have Bible poverty as never before.

The Bible Society exists because millions lack the Bible in a language they can understand, in a form they can use or at a price they can afford. At the same time millions still have no understanding of the Bible’s value for them and their communities. This we call Bible poverty.

The Bible society are working to see a day when the Bible’s God-given revelation, inspiration and wisdom is shaping the lives and communities of people everywhere.

In England and Wales

  • They work especially with the worlds of the media, politics, arts and education to show how the Bible connects with life.
  • They resource and help churches and their members have confidence in the Bible by living it out.
  • They have programmes to make the Bible available for prisoners, refugees and people in special need.

Please give generously!

So shall my word be, that goes forth from my mouth;
It shall not return to me void [without fruit],
But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.

Isaiah 55.11